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Course List

Embedded Systems –ARM/PIC/Robotics/ARDUINO/MATLAB (6 months)


Introduction to Embedded Systems                                                          

Basics of Digital and Analog Electronics


  • Digital and Analog system.
  • Introduction to basic Electronics Components.


  • Power Supply, LED, Buzzer, Motor.
  • Potentiometer, OP-AMP IC, Relay.
  • Working on logic gates.
  • Digital and analog Input Output.
  • Switches and Push Buttons.



  • What is Microcontroller?
  • Types of Microcontroller.(8051,AVR and PIC)
  • Programming of Microcontroller.
  • Programming IDE and tools.
  • Embedded C.


  • Introduction to Datasheets.
  • Introduction to 8051 programming IDE (Keil).
  • Introduction to PIC programming IDE (MPLAB).
  • Introduction to AVR programming IDE (CVAVR).
  • Introduction to 8051 programmer.
  • Introduction to PIC programmer.
  • Introduction to AVR programmer.
  • Blinking LEDs.
  • Running Patterns of LED.

Working with Peripherals :


  • Analog Sensors (Infrared, Temperature,Touch Screen, Accelerometer)
  • Digital Sensors (Gas, TSOP, PIR, Ultrasonic).
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • Analog to digital Conversion (ADC).
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USART).
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).


  • Display and Scrolling on LCD.
  • Sensor Interfacing and Calibration.
  • Temperature Sensor and Digital Thermometer.
  • Putting Sensor Data on LCD.
  • Putting Sensor Data on Computer.
  • Generating Frequencies and tones.
  • Generating Analog Voltage.



  • Introduction to Geared Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor.
  • Motor Driver ICs.
  • Motor Direction and Speed Control.


  • Manual Robot.
  • Autonomous Robot.
  • Line Follower Robot.
  • Object Follower Robot.
  • Object avoider Robot.
  • Computer Controlled Robot.
  • Wireless Robot.


Working With Modules:


  • RF Module (433 MHz).
  • DTMF Module.
  • RFID Module.
  • GSM Module.
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Smoke Detector Module


  • RF Based Remote Control.
  • Mobile Controlled Home Automation.
  • RFID based Attendance System.
  • GSM Based Automatic Message Response System.
  • GPS based Navigation System.


Embedded With MATLAB:


  • Introduction to MATLAB.
  • Basic Mathematics using MATLAB.
  • Image processing.
  • USART with MATLAB.
  • GUI in MATLAB.
  • Simulink in MATLAB


  • Programming of Microcontrollers using MATLAB.
  • Plotting sensor data on MATLAB
  • Real Time Image Processing.
  • Real Time Color Tracking.
  • MATLAB Controlled AC Appliances.
  • MATLAB GUI controlled Robot.
  • Putting Data on Google Drive using MATLAB.


  • Arduino IDE.
  • Arduino Libraries
  • Types of Arduino boards
  • Arduino interfacing with sensors
  • Arduino interfacing with MATLAB.

ARM Processor:

  • Introduction of ARM Processors
  • Evolution of ARM
  • 32 – bit Programming
  • ARM7 Architecture
  • Instruction Set Architecture
  • ARM Processor Interfacing.
  • Raspberry Pi Computer

List of some projects:

  • 3D Led Cube (4*4).
  • Water Level Indicator.
  • Temperature controlled Automatic Fan.
  • LDR controlled Automatic Light.
  • Touch Doorbell using Infrared Sensor.
  • Distance Meter using Infrared.
  • Digital Piano using Microcontroller.
  • Digital Voltmeter.
  • Smartphone Controlled Lighting System.
  • Wired Chatting System.
  • Accident Alert System.
  • Gesture Controlled Robot.
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