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Course List

Elementary Java (JSE) with UML:Class Diagram

History and platform-independence.

Introduction to Java,JSE,JEE,JME,Web services,Other technologies.


Simple Java Program Structure

•           Documentation section

•           Package statement

•           Import statement

•           Interface statement

•           Class definition

•           Main class method

•           Creating, compiling and running program


Object Orientation

•           Classes: Introduction, Definition, Field, Methods.

•           Objects: Concept, Creation, Accessing Members.

•           Constructors: Types, Overloading.

•           Static Members

•           Java Beans: Concept, getters and setters.

•           Inheritance: Subclassing, Constructor chain, Method Overriding.

•           Final: Class, Variable, Methods .

•           Abstract: Classes , Methods.

•           VarargsMethods

•           Visibility Controls

•           Interfaces: Defining, Extending, Implementing

•           Package: naming, creating, accessing, usage.

•           Understanding IS-A,HAS-A Relationship Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance

Exception Handling


Multithreading: Thread creation by extending Thread and implementing Runnable, Life cycle, ThreadExceptions, Priorities, Synchronisation.


File Handling


Inner Classes: Method-local inner classes, Anonymous inner classes, Static nested classes.


Collection: Set, List, Map, Collection Interface, Collections class, Sorted-Unsorted, Order-Unordered,Queue, Autoboxing with collections, Comparable Interface



Introduction to Android Programming

•           Android OS , Architecture, Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM)

•           Android Runtime (ART), Android SDK

•           Android Development Tools (ADT)


Introduction to IDE

•           Android Studio, Android Virtual Devices(AVD)



•           Activity Life cycle, Style and Themes, Activity Title

•           Logger, Dialog Windows, Progress Dialog



•           Linking activities using intents

•           Filter Collision, Intent Object and usage, Calling built-in application.

•           Intent object, Intent filters



•           Displaying notifications



•           Life cycle, Adding fragments Dynamically

•           Fragment Interaction




User Interface

•           Views and ViewGroups, Layouts-Linear,Absolute,Table,Relative,Frame

•           Scroll View , Display Orientation, Managing Screen Orientation

•           Action Bar, Programmatically creating UI, Listening to UI Notifications


Basic Views

•           TextView, Button, ImageButton, EditText, CheckBox, ToggleButton, RadioButton, RadioGroup, ProgressBar View, AutoCompleteTextView, AnalogClock, DigitalClock,Web View

•           Picker View-TimePicker and DatePicker, ListView and Spinner View

•           Specialized Fragments


Image Views

•           Gallery and ImageView

•           ImageSwitcher, GridView



•           Helper methods, Options Menu, Context Menu


Persisting Data

•           Saving, Editing and Loading Preferences

•           Saving data to files , Creating and Using Databases(SQLite)


Content Providers

•           Data sharing, Using a content provider, Creating content provider



•           SMS Messaging, •      Sending Email


Location Based Services

•           Displaying Maps, Location data, Monitoring Location



•           Consuming Web Service via HTTP, Consuming JSON Services, Socket programming


Android Service Development

•           Creating service

•           Services communication

•           Timer

•           AsyncTask, Binder, IBinder

•           Activity and Service binding

•           Understanding Threading


Hardware Access

•           Accelerometer, Proximity, Other Sensors



•           Setting up Bluetooth, Scanning Devices, Connecting Devices


Phone Status

•           TelephonyManager

•           PhoneStateListener


Widgets Development

•           NavigationDrawer

•           ViewPager, User Define Widgets


Text-to-Speech API,  MediaPlayer, Camera

Printing Framework, Storage Access Framework

Sensor-Batching (Step Detector & Step Counter)


Publishing Android Application

•           Preparing application for publishing.

•           Deploying APK Files.


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