New Batches on Big Data - Hadoop / Machine Learning. Starting from 9th June,2018 . Weekend batches also available. Live Projects. Faculty with ample Industry Experience.
The centre has shifted from Pitampura to TILAK NAGAR.
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Course List


Website Devlopment

Basics of Web

Difference between static and dynamic website



Bootstrap 3.X



Templates Designing and Website Hosting

Core PHP

Introduction to PHP

Role of PHP in World Wide Web Technology

PHP Syntax Overview

PHP Variable Types

PHP Constants, Operators

PHP Decision Making

PHP Loop Types

PHP Array, Strings

PHP Web Concepts

POST and GET Form Elements in PHP

PHP File Inclusion

PHP Files and I/O

PHP Functions

PHP Concepts of OOP’s

PHP Class Inheritance

PHP Exception Handling


Database Concepts

Deference between DBMS and RDBMS

MySQL Data Types and PHP My admin

Select (Data Retrieval)

DML, DDL, DCL,TCL Operations

Create, Alter and Drop a Table

Insert, Update, Delete Operations

Types of Joins

Routines in MySQL


Advance PHP

Database Connectivity

Storing and Retrieving Information

State Management (Session State, Cookie, Query String)

Processing and Retrieving Uploaded File

PHP Sending Emails

PHP Coding Standard

PHP Bugs Debugging

PHP and MySql

PHP JavaScript, Jquery & Ajax


PHP and Smarty Template Engine

Cake PHP

MVC Architecture

Installing and Running the Cake PHP

Naming Files and Designing The Database

Creating and Customizing Views

Working With Controllers and Models

Helpers and Routers & Vendors



Angular JS



Installing and Upgrading

Dashboard and Settings

Working with Contents & Importing Contents

Themes, Widgets, Plugins & User and Roles




Introduction to CMS

Introduction to Joomla

Advantages of Joomla

Installation & Configuration

Administrator Operations in Joomla

Banners, Links and Web Pages

Upload & Edit Web Templates in Joomla

Create Web Pages, Templates & Extensions

Joomla E-Commerce & Web Community Features





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