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Course List


Java SE


Introduction to Java

  • JDK
  • JRE


Discussion of Java features and OOPS Concepts


Installation of Netbeans IDE



  • primitive data types
  • non-primitive data types


Variable declaration




Control flow statements


Command line arguments


Passing command line arguments in Netbeans


Take input and display output


Arrays and Enhanced for loop


OOPS programming

  • class and object
  • various types of constructors
  • instance methods and static methods
  • use of this keyword
  • use of super keyword
  • package and various scope rules
  • abstract class and interfaces
  • use of static, final keyword


Exception handling

  • try, catch, finally, throw, throws
  • checked exception
  • unchecked exception


String Handling

  • mutable string
  • immutable string
  • String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer
  • Important Methods in the String Class

IO (Input and Output)   

  • byte stream
  • character stream
  • Creating Files Using Class File


Working with Date class


Generics and Collections


Utility classes


Wrapper classes




Multithreading programming

  • Thread class
  • Runnable interface


GUI programming

  • Difference between CUI and GUI
  • Swing (various components and containers)
  • Event handling
  • Applet through JApplet
  • Develop GUI using Netbeans Drag n drop feature


JDBC (Java database connectivity)

  • Type of drivers
  • Basics of SQL
  • executing SQL using statement
  • executing SQL using preparedstatement


Socket programming     






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